It all depends which India you are talking about

A letter in the Financial Times [UK]  on March 8th from Mr Lokhi Banerji said: 

Sir, Martin Wolf’s article “Elephant charges on through the economic crisis” (March 3) is exuberant about India’s growth prospects. But which India does he speak of? The India of the large cities that is growing at double-digit rates, or the India of the million villages, where the crops have failed, food inflation is rampant at 17 per cent, farmers are committing suicide, and a Maoist guerilla army is growing with fresh recruits and running amok in certain poor states.

Cities may rejoice but the countryside suffers because the prosperity does not trickle down to the majority. While Freddie Flintoff earns a million (dollars not rupees) in the Indian Premier League, the poorer villages cannot afford cricket kit. A deep political problem is inherent in today’s uneven Indian growth.

Lokhi Banerji,
London SW7, UK


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