England and India bow to nuclear corporates

 A correspondent in England sent this news:

India’s government has placed a Nuclear Liability Bill in the Winter Session of the Parliament. The bill, going against various Supreme Court judgments, aims to put a cap on the liability amount that private companies will have to pay towards damages in the case of a leak or accident.

All of this is happening 25 years after the Bhopal Gas tragedy. The survivors and the people impacted by the slow poisoning of the chemicals left at the plant site are still fighting for justice and the companies involved are evading liability. With nuclear plants, the dangers are graver and thus to pass a bill that caps liabilities is bordering on the ludicrous.

Currently American plants are at the planning stages. Westinghouse and GE hope to construct their nuclear site in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. If the suppliers and designers do not take financial responsibility in case of an accident only the operator, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, is left to pay this huge amount. The cost of the Bhopal tragedy was more than $3 billion.

I pointed out that this was not unusual and cited British concessions.  


One response to “England and India bow to nuclear corporates

  1. CHSUK Feedback


    Good to read in the Financial Times[15.3.10]that “India’s Congress party-led administration has balked at tabling controversial legislation limiting the liability of foreign nuclear reactor suppliers in case of a nuclear accident. Angry opposition parties had described the draft law as a sell-out to the US.”

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