India’s so-called Freedom and Independence

Once more we thank Delhi’s Devinder Sharma for his latest post about Sangita Sharma from Bangalore. 

She writes on her ‘blogspot’ My Right to Safe Food

“Seven years ago, the pesticide residues in the food chain had me raging and thinking. So I made a conscious shift from the corporate to becoming a self contained natural farmer. I advocate and practise low cost sustainable farming techniques by applying organic principles. So by taking charge of my food and not leave it to the dictates of private companies, I reap the abundant harvests of nature. Just try it, farming is no rocket science, If I can you do it, so can you! I have no a science background, nor an agricultural degree … nature teaches you provided you are willing to take the plunge, with a leap of faith and commitment.” 

The post includes Sangita’s devastating analysis on the state of the country. A few points: 

We have an estimated 421 million in poverty. 360 million dying of hunger. We breed a sick nation with every second person a victim of some chronic disease. Is this Freedom? But there is

– Not a squeak against the policy makers who get away with designing policies to suit the vested interests of the 48 dollar billionaires and about a 100,000 millionaires in our country. 

– Not a squeak against faulty farm policies designed to suit industry but not our farmers. Traditional seeds are under threat, a direct consequence of our food being under assault.

– Not a squeak against pharmaceutical industry that releases day after day new drugs, new vaccines, new prescriptions to suit new diseases. But the root cause is never tackled. Progress in science they call it but in reality it is designed to fill their coffers. No wonder India is the Diabetic capital in the world with 40.9 million people being diabetic.

– Not a squeak against the flourishing food processing industry that unleashes day after day countless toxic refined foods. In short, we blindly accept the claims of these politically correct nutritionists . . . 

We have no time to question the oppressive institutional policies that have constantly undermined the well–being of our nation. Henry Kissinger’s forecast is well underway “if you want to control nations control oil, but if you want to control society control food”. 

A handful of multinationals are merrily controlling our food chain. Whilst they laugh their ways to their banks, you suffer your way to the hospitals with a big dent in your pocket.

Wake up . . . Raise your voices against the diktats of the junk, processed food produce. Boycott all such products. The Right to Safe Food Choices and Good Health is our constitutional Right. Demand it.


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