3: Agreement reached and decisions made

  • Samples of water to be collected in the presence of members of the public from the spots where effluent water from the paper factories is pouring into the Aril River and be tested in three different laboratories – one, the UPPCB lab in Moradabad, two, the lab of the Meerut Agricultural University and three, the Central Government lab in Moradabad. These results must be compared and made public. 
  • The District Magistrate to be requested to ask the Chief Medical Officer to carry out a comprehensive survey of the villagers in the area and give a report of all the ill effects on people’s health because of the environmental pollution. The report should be made public.   
  • The problem of receding water table is serious throughout the area. A solution to the problem will have to be found and the help of the underground water board should be asked for through the DM. 
  • The SDM promised to look into how compensation should be paid to aggrieved farmers according to the report of the Tehsildar Committee prepared in Dec. 2005. This report is a legal document. It was noted that the factory has already paid compensations to some farmers of his choice. The remaining farmers must also be paid their agreed compensation. 
  • It was agreed that the SDM together with Mr K K Srivastava and Mr Umesh Shukla will inspect the site of the outlets of the Shakumbhari factory on the 19th Feb. and check whether there are two outlets or one because the two officers from the Pollution Board insisted that there was only one outlet and that the other has already been closed.  
  • The same day they will all assemble in the Degree College, Amarpurkashi and will openly discuss how the proposed suggestions are going to be implemented. They will discuss whether the factory has sufficient space and building to accommodate all its ash from boilers within its walls. They will also check whether ash from its chimney is blown into the air and is scattered over everything all around the area. 
  • It was agreed that experts who could determine the cost of the losses that the pollution has caused to the environment, should be invited so that a suitable compensation of this loss could be levied on the factory and deposited in to a welfare fund with which aggrieved villagers could be helped in need. 
  • The SDM promised to take legal action against factories if they have encroached on common land or the link-routes to farmers’ plots.  
  • The SDM promised to deal urgently with all complaints of corruption and pollution within a specified time frame. 
  • The SDM promised to take stringent actions against those who are responsible for causing   encroachments and dumping their rubbish near and around schools. 
  • The SDM also promised to issue legal notices against those villagers who have dumped their rubbish near the primary school Nagalia Jadeed and those who have encroached on its campus.  
  • It was pointed out to the SDM that his staff, particularly the Lekhpals, have or could easily get hold of all information regarding encroachments and cases of unhygienic heaps and dumping grounds within residences and near schools. If they did their duties honestly then there would be no problem of any encroachment and pollution in villages. He therefore promised to give a month’s notice to all Lekhpals to submit their reports of encroachments and unhygienic heaps within residential houses and near schools. 
  • The SDM promised to recommend to the DM that the possibility of forming a public-private body with 50-50 participation to monitor and check cases of pollution and corruption should be explored. This body should meet at least once every three months.


Congratulations to the 9 women and 24 men who fasted: 

Mukat Singh, Amarpurkashi, mPrem Kumar, Fateh Pur Nattha, Mohd. Usman Advocate, Mohd. Ibrahim Pur, Mohd. Ali Azad, Kunderkee, Rakesh Yadav, Bilari, K.P.Rana, Bilari, Gokul Chand, Safeel Pur, Muneesh Kumar, Sihali Ladda, Dr Ashok Kumar Singh, Gramodaya College, Amarpurkashi, Ajai Singh, Amarpurkashi, Ram Bhajan Singh, Safeel Pur, Smt. Renu Singh, Amarpurkashi, Smt. Lakshmi, Chandausi, Smt. Phool Wati, Amarpurkashi, Km. Anita, Safil Pur, Km. Babita, Safil Pur, Km. Madhubala, safil Pur, Km. Lilian, England, Km. Saskia, England, Km. Emily, England, Rishipal singh, Amarpurkashi, Rajendra Sharma, Ghaziabad, Santosh Singh, Shakar Pur Sote, Ajit Singh, Shaker Pur Sote, Nand Lal Singh, Khan Pur, Shiv Lal Saini, Amarpurkashi, Feroz Ahmad Kunderkee, Rajeev, Bareilly, Sanjeev, Moradabad, Shubhendu, Sarkara Khas, Pawan Sharma, Bilari, Ramvir Singh, Amarpurkashi, Satya Pal Singh, Head Master, K A Inter College, Amarpurkashi. 

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