Dandi March II – Walk Against Corruption

A group of concerned non-resident Indians [NRIs], including the three organisers Sri Atluri, Sasidhar,Verma and many in India are organising marches to persuade the Indian government to enact the Jan Lokpal Bill, to reduce corruption and help bring back black money stashed away in foreign banks. 

“The recent scams involving unimaginably big amounts of money, such as the 2G scam, are well known.

“It is estimated that more than trillion dollars are stashed away in foreign havens, while 80 percent of Indians earn less than 2$ per day and every second child is malnourished,” the organisers said. 

Inspired by the landmark Dandi March by Mahatma Gandhi during India’s freedom struggle, DANDI MARCH – II is a 240 mile walk against corruption.

The NRIs will be walking 240 miles through San Diego  Orange County, Los Angeles  Bay Area, San Francisco in California, USA, from March 12  26. In support of this, several others across the world are walking in their cities on March 26th. 

In support, a symbolic march for a shorter distance will be conducted in Chennai, beginning and ending at Gandhi Statue in Beach road covering all the residences of key freedom fighters in the city; in Coimbatore, it will start from VOC Park and end at the same place; in Delhi it will begin at Haus Khas and end in Jantar Mantar.

The NRI organisers in America expect a few hundreds to join the march, in India, they hope that not less than 5,000 people will be mobilised.

For information contact: Dandimarch2@gmail.com


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