Good move by Bihar government – March update

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh, displaying vegetables produced organically in Bihar, said that the administration had created an organic village in all districts that would serve as model farms for other farmers to emulate. 

“We are also working on creating distribution centers across the region to market Bihar’s vegetables in other states,” Singh said while urging entrepreneurs to invest in organic farming in Bihar for which the state government was offering attractive concessions and deals.

The minister said that excessive use of chemicals and pesticides in the conventional way of farming were harmful to both the human beings and the land that loses its productivity substantially over a period of time.

“With scientifically-proven method of organic farming that uses natural compost to fertilize the field, not only we can produce healthy vegetables, we can raise the productivity of the land by many folds,” Singh said.

Looking back:

Then Bihar Agriculture Minister Renu Kumari, who expressed a commitment to solving farmers’ problems, inaugurated Block-Level Farmers Advisory Committee presidents meeting in Patna on December 19, 2009.

Speaking on the occasion, Renu Kumari said that she would personally solve the farmers’ problems in the districts. ” There is no place for middleman between government and farmers”.


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