There are so many losers and the winners are now unable to hide from their anger

As Ekta Parishad announces the launch of a year-long yatra starting from Kanyakumari this month and reaching Delhi in November next year, the BBC reports “worldwide protests against austerity and what protesters call corporate greed.”On our UK website we feature veterinary surgeon Alex Briault, who will fully understand the protests. In the Veterinary Times, Vol. 41 – No. 18 – May 09, 2011, he wrote: 
We can’t have a win/lose gameplan – there are going to be so many losers that the winners are going to find it increasingly difficult to hide from their anger. He writes about fellow vet Bruce Crowther who works part-time for the Fairtrade Foundation as: “Someone who has seen the effects of the existing, neoliberal capitalist venture, and is doing something to soften the unceasing blows it inflicts on the world’s poor.” 
Very different are those involved in that system:
“With thoughts only of maximizing the money they can extract for themselves, through hubris, ignorance and by exploiting the byzantine lack of transparency in the system, bring the whole confidence trick to the edge of collapse, and insist on being rescued.

“Within months, those same people are receiving egregious rewards for…who knows what?” 

Calling the system comprising bankers, financiers and politicians a Mafia 

Alex Briault: 

“How to justify calling the system comprising bankers, financiers and politicians a Mafia? Here’s how. 

If we don’t co-operate, rather than threatening us with a swim with the fishes, they threaten to take themselves away (to run with the tigers? – I think they may find those Asian Tigers have their own competitive financiers). With these menaces, they demand payments via the tax system for protection – from financial insecurity?

There is no accountability – it is the victims who have to pay for their mistakes through public spending cuts, while they squirrel away their loot in tax havens.


“They parasitize the system of which they claim to be a cornerstone. Murderous? Not deliberately, but so long as funding is diverted from global health budgets, education, agriculture, veterinary services, lives are being lost as a result of their selfish gambling.


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