Sharma: malnutrition a ‘national shame’: make economic policy pro-people and pro-environment

An article by Devinder Sharma in the Deccan Herald was written after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed shock and disgust, terming malnutrition a ‘national shame’. 

The opening paragraph ends: 

“The bigger shame of course is that it took the Prime Minister 7 years in office to feel concerned at the extent of ‘malnutrition’ that prevails among children below 6-years age.” 

He gives an overview of studies of malnutrition in the country, concluding

“[F]irst understand the crucial ink between growing hunger and malnutrition and the economic policies being perpetuated. 

“Hunger is the result of faulty economic policies which widens the gulf between the haves and have-nots; is the outcome of policies that take away community control over natural resources like water, forests and farmlands. 

“It is also the fallout of neoliberal policies that removes social security nets and allows corporate takeover of agriculture. 

“The more the government destroys the very foundations of agriculture forcing farmers to abandon farming and migrate into the urban cities in search of menial jobs, the more likely is the growth in hunger and malnutrition. 

“Instead of extending what is visibly a mere lip-service sympathy to the poor and malnourished, the Prime Minister needs to recast his economic policy making it pro-people and pro-environment.“


Read the article here.




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