“Livelihood rights and nonviolence”

Stuart Morton is sending invitations to a half day workshop in Birmingham UK, on livelihood rights, seen through the experience of the Indian people’s movement, Ekta Parishad (meaning “Unity Forum”) which has featured on this site several times, see March for Justice – 2012. He writes:

Ekta Parishad’s work began in 1991. It built on the work of  M.K. Gandhi, Vinobe Bhave, Subbha Rao and on Rajagopal’s own work in the previous two decades.

In 2007,  Ekta Parishad’s  Janadesh (“People’s Verdict”) march  saw 25,000 marginalised people from rural India march 300+ miles.

They pressed the Government of India for their livelihood needs and rights.  Land, water and forest are being lost to large private and government interests.  So called “Development” is often making hundreds of millions of poorer people in India, and elsewhere in the world, destitute.

Preparations across India, and also globally, are being made for the voice of the poor to be heard more profoundly through a Jansatyagraha 2012 (“ People’s Truth Force”) march on Delhi in October of this year.  Web site: http://ektaparishad.com/jansatyagraha-2012  . . .

Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) has been cooperating with Ekta Parishad since 2002. The South Asia Peace Alliance (SAPA) was formed and nonviolence training in that region has been enhanced as a result of this cooperation.  Stuart Morton, of Selly Oak Local Meeting, was the QPSW staff member involved throughout this period and he remains, as a volunteer, deeply committed to the work.  Selly Oak Quaker Meeting have contributed to Ekta Parishad for several years through their monthly appeal process and have signed the “Declaration of Solidarity”. . .

In a covering email Stuart said that since he phoned, he has looked at this website, adding:

”One of the books on my shelf that I value is “Asking the Earth” by Winin Pereira and Jeremy Seabrook so it was particularly interesting for me to see the connections with Winin.”



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