Unhooking from a transport & energy-intensive economy

CHS-Sachetan co-founder Winin Pereira would have had much to discuss with the late Robert Hart, who planted and cultivated a  Forest Garden in Shropshire UK, though recognising that its potential was different from such gardens in Kerala.

Many people visited Robert’s ‘temperate Forest Garden’ over the years and the writer spent a memorable day there.

Environmentalist MP Zac Goldsmith reviewed Robert’s book about his life and work, focussing on his perception that growing and seemingly unconnected problems emerge as connected symptoms of something deeper:

“The shortening of links between farmers and ‘consumers’, for example, leads not only to the strengthening of communities and local economies, but also to an increase in local diversity, a consequent decrease in the need for chemical inputs, whose function is primarily to support artificial monocultures, and perhaps, most importantly, it results in the unhooking of whole communities from dependence on the transport and energy intensive economy . . .

“Rather than relying on vast high-tech energy plants, water storage tanks and centralised sewage treatment, communities around the world are re-inventing simple technologies which can be assembled and managed using local skills and resources.”

This simple but essentially comprehensive localising message was first posted on a sister website


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