The March for Justice begins on October 2nd

In our fifth post about Ekta Parishad we return to the subject of the imminent 2012 March for Justice – the planning of which was featured on this website in 2010 – here.

The 2012 Jan Satyagraha begins on UN International Non-Violence Day, October 2nd and for a month 100,000 people representing different rural communities – especially tribal, landless and small farmers – will walk in formation together 350 kilometers from Gwalior (near the Taj Mahal) to New Delhi.

They will emphasise that that land and livelihood rights are essential to sustainable development and poverty reduction, showing the strength of rural India and the importance of food production as a support base for urban India.

Rajagopal, Vice Chairman of the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi and the president and founding member of Ekta Parishad, has been speaking to small local groups in many different parts of India.

This has led to the planning and carrying-out of the footmarch by 6000 leaders across 25 states.


The 2012 March will build on the earlier journey, Janadesh 2007 – below.

Many of the demands made then were received and accepted by the Government which agreed to formulate a land reform policy and implement it under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

The Land Reform Commission’s report has not yet been accepted by government. This has strengthened the resolve of Ekta Parishad to launch the 2012 March.



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