India to the rescue: supplying GM-free soymeal to the UK market

farminguk logoattFarmingUK reports that the first, fully sealed 20Mt containers of Cert ID Non GM certified Indian soymeal for the UK feed sector are now available through London based importers Gemcom Limited.

The containers remain sealed until they are discharged in the UK, to minimise the risk of cross contamination. The soymeal is then stored separately from other soya supplies around the UK. It will be welcomed by feed companies who wish to use non-GM material to meet retailer demand for non-GM animal feed.

India has a strong track record in supplying non GM soy to the UK food market and also supplies non GM to quality-demanding markets such as Japan and Australia.

Since GM soy has never been or planned to be cultivated in India, users have reassurance from the start. The in-built non GM status of the Indian soymeal is verified by Cert ID Europe Non-GMO standard. Each batch of containers can be tracked back to production, region or farm.

gm education

We appreciate this lead from GM Education who also filled in the UK background:

“At the start of this year, Morrisons, Tescos, Sainsburys and Marks & Spencer declared a policy shift from using non-GM for their poultry feed to a policy that allowed GM feed to be used. Asda made the switch some time ago.

“Despite reassurances from ABRANGE, the Brazilian non-GM feed suppliers, that there was plenty of non-GM feed available, supermarkets stuck to their policy change, citing contamination and port hold-ups for their decision (Ed. Brazil continues to have problems with serious port congestion causing long delays). This policy shift made a great number of the public unhappy and left only organic products and Waitrose as options to avoid GM”.

Solution to the supply problem

Gavin Millar, Managing Director of GemCom Limited said that has happened due to the demand from consumers:

“When given the choice, the British public still opt for a non-GM product. When asked earlier this year by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) if they wanted to see GM labels on animal products, 2/3rds consumers surveyed said that they would. But to date supermarkets have refused to label GM fed livestock products”.


Britain, Japan and Australia welcome the GM free soya.


One response to “India to the rescue: supplying GM-free soymeal to the UK market

  1. Brid (Northern Ireland) by email:

    Long may Indian producers continue to grow non GM. When will the truth about GM be known world wide.

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