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Centre For Holistic Studies

Contact: contact@chs-sachetan.org

The Centre for Holistic Studies (CHS) was formed to undertake a study of the whole of society, in all its multifarious aspects. Thousands of years ago our ancient sages emphasized the liberative qualities of truly holistic knowledge.

It is on this premise that we search for fundamentally just, sustainable, practical methods of development. Such a development must not increase justice in one region while transferring injustice to other places and other times.

These methods must promote intragenerational and intergenerational equity, justice for all living now and for an indefinite number of future generations.

This is not an attempt to produce a blueprint for a fully just society, but only to evolve criteria to judge whether any step taken contributes to an increase in global social justice.

The Centre operates by collecting data from various sources: traditional knowledge, particularly that of the indigenous people, ancient books and manuscripts, current publications and so on. Field experiments in agriculture, natural forestry, etc. are also conducted. The results are put into publications for internal or external use and are also fed back to the people through educational, cultural, health and other programmes, often in associations with other voluntary organizations and individuals.

The Centre is a source of information which is generally not available to activists and others on just, sustainable development. It has a reference library with about 4000 books and periodicals.

The Centre was founded by late Winin Pereira. The Centre has a UK network (CHS – UK) which is monitored by Barbara Panvel who set up the New Era Network. CHS is the Research and Documentation division of a larger organization – SACHETAN – which is a registered charitable trust.

SACHETAN – a Registered Charitable Trust – was formed

  • To create and promote an enlightened public opinion
  • To promote sustainable development
  • To promote awareness of indigenous knowledge and technology

Sachetan has Information and Documentation Centres – Centre for Holistic Studies (CHS) – in India and the UK

Registered Office

C/o Ms Ira Roy
7 Imperial Mansion
245 Maulana Azad Road
Mumbai 400 008

Documentation Centre

Centre for Holistic Studies
C/o Subhash Sule
Dr. Kulkarni Nursing Home
432B – Vakil Wadi
Nashik 422 001

Centre for Holistic Studies, UK network
Barbara Panvel
West Midlands

Email: contact@chs-sachetan.org

Email: response@chs-sachetan.org


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