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Protecting mangroves

Seed banks

Britain declared war on food waste in 2008 . . .

Defining references to the West

Many in Britain and India have lost faith in central government’s promises

Fossil-fuelled transport

The use of charcoal for sequestering carbon dioxide and enriching the soil

Perceptive comment on the biochar post
John Newson, Balsall Heath, UK

Food Sovereignty
– notes taken at meeting in Birmingham UK

US government departments investigate corporate control over food and farmingJRCT sells Vedanta mining shares

England and India bow to nuclear corporates

Operation Green Hunt
Mark Tully: The root of the problem is the Indian government’s inability to provide what those they govern rightly feel is their entitlement.

It all depends which India you are talking about

UK’s Jasber Singh attends Raita Teerpu
Prajateerpu was an event which gave an opportunity to the people most affected by the government’s “Vision 2020″ for food and farming in Andhra Pradesh to shape a vision of their own. This report, by global consultants McKinsey, with funding from Britain’s Department for International Development, was widely condemned as a front for agro-industrial interests. As Devinder Sharma writes:


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