Indian Traditional Knowledge

This page is under construction

For many years CHS has been collecting and recording information on India’s traditional practices and plants and their uses from fieldwork, documents, books and periodicals in order to preserve valuable traditional knowledge, particularly in India. The Centre, now based in Nashik, has been sharing the information from its extensive database with individuals and institutions who are interested in using traditional practices. With the changes in the International Patent Laws, it is hoped that such documentation will help in IPR related issues and prevent patenting of raw materials and their ingredients which have been used for thousands of years.

We intend to make available some of the documents to help researchers and individuals who are interested in such issues.

The following publications are available on the net:

1. A Dictionary of the Economic Products of India by George Watts, Vol. 1, 1889

2. Pharmacographia Indica., A history of the principal drugs of vegetable origin, Met with in British India, William Dymock, C. J. H. Warden and David Hooper, Part V, 1892


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