The Centre for Holistic Studies provides a source of information – not generally available to activists and others on just, sustainable development. In the INDRANET Journal occasional articles and discussion papers for those involved in social transformation are published.

Why Indranet?

There is an ancient Indian story that Indra weaves a vital net, with a pearl at each node.

Each pearl symbolises a single individual, emitting its own light and reflecting the light received from all the others.

Our aim is to build up just such a network.

Each person’s contribution, no matter how small, can significantly help other individuals and greatly enhance the collective influence.

Indranet Journal

A Forum for addressing issues related to the mounting turbulence of present times: ranging from the increased destruction of life-support systems to technology-mediated global climate change, communal tensions, and many more.

Publication of Indranet Journal was suspended due to the costs and efforts involved. We plan to restart its publication in electronic form as soon as possible.

Copies of some back issues are available at Rs 25 ($ 3) per copy.

Payment by cheque on any Mumbai bank/DD/MO/Cash, in the name of “Sachetan”.

Index of all the articles published in Indranet Journals is available in Indranet Index. If you are interested in any of the articles please send an email to


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