From Western Science To Liberation Technology

From Western Science To Liberation Technology
Winin Pereira
©Winin Pereira
First published, July 1990
Anusandhan, Bombay
This revised Indian edition, 1993
Earthscan Books, Mumbai.

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US $7 + Postage

“We have a choice between the limited rationality of the system which is self-destructive and unjust, or fostering holistic knowledge systems and practices which are sustainable and more equitable.”

The reigning demi-god of the industrial era is tottering! In this lucid and penetrative little book, Winin Pereira explodes the modern myths that the western system of science & technology can yet solve the many problems it has caused. “If it does ‘solve’ some of them, such ‘solutions’ will probably fast-breed still more and worse problems.”

The author suggests that many of the traditional ways and values, which sustained civilisations for centuries, offer vital pointers to a more liberating and self-reliant system that allows for greater harmony. He adds that revitalising peoples’ science can restore to millions the creativity and the power wrenched from them.

Winin Pereira was an accomplished nuclear physicist before he abandoned that career three decades ago. He has put together a remarkable body of documentation and analysis on social and developmental issues, now accessible at the Centre for Holistic Studies.

I. Western Science & Technology
Western Science & Domination
Western S&T’s contribution to war
War’s contribution to western S&T
Western S&T’s contribution to exploitation
Cultural domination
The economics of western science
Western science as a common heritage
Western science as self-destructive & unsustainable
The question of ethics
II. Liberation science & technology
Liberation Technology
The extent of people’s research
Formal versus peoples’ research
Socially appropriate & sustainable technology
The dissemination of traditional technologies
Recognition & rewards for innovation
The supporting culture
Preservation of the traditional system
Liberation science
Living in an Unjust World
III. Conclusion


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