Global Parasites

Global Parasites – Five Hundred Years of Western Culture
Winin Pereira & Jeremy Seabrook
© Winin Pereira & Jeremy Seabrook
First published in 1994 by:
Earthscan Publications Ltd.,
2 Anand, 17 Carmichael Road,

Rs. 150 + Postage
US $16 + Postage

From yesterday’s conquistadors to today’s GATT, from raw military force to the more subtle economic strangulation of Two-Thirds World, the West has sought to build up and perpetuate its own, parasitic system.

Starting with the land grab of the Americas, the occupation of India, enforced trade, slavery and the empires build on narcotics, Global Parasites lays bare the foundations of the Western system and its opulence grounded in injustice and unsustainability.

About the authors
Winin Pereira, a former nuclear physicist, had for many years been concerned with the issues of sustainability and social justice. He is the author of Asking the Earth with Jeremy Seabrook), Tending to Earth, from Western science to Liberation Technology and other publications.

Jeremy Seabrook is an independent writer and journalist. He has authored a number of books including life and labour in a Bombay Slum, The Revolt against Change and several other books on development and labour in the UK.

Landing Rights
Trading Poverty
The Creation of the Poverty of Nations
Workers of the World
The IMF, WB and GATT
The Fabric of industrialism
Narcotics and stimulants
The culture of injustice


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  1. How do I go about acquiring this book? “Global Paracite”

  2. Question referred to Subhash Sule. Online references include

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