Celebrating People’s Knowledge

Celebrating People’s Knowledge
Issue No. 31-34, February 2000
Winin Pereira Memorial Issue
Celebrating people’s knowledge
Winin Pereira and Subhash Sule

(full text in Indranet section)

By Jeremy Seabrook

This issue of INDRANET does not focus only on the misdeeds of the transnationals – a lengthening and predictable catalogue of abuse, falsehood and greed. More importantly, it looks at the rudiments of the elusive alternative, which everyone knows to be necessary, but which has been declared null and void by the eager advocates of globalisation without restraint, of industrialism without end, of capitalism without shackles.

The beginnings of wisdom involve the recognition that there exists another basis for our understanding of the world, another form of interpretation, another embodiment of science and technology than those harnessed for the destructive excesses of the global economy. This represents an effort to recuperate a people’s knowledge, popular methods of scientific and technological experimentation, which have been carried on from time immemorial. Much of this has been colonised, plundered and absorbed by ‘Western’ science, sanctified by the imprimatur of the laboratories of multinational corporations while at the same time denying the originators of the knowledge any credit for their painstaking, laborious and dedicated work over generations.

Such recovery of popular wisdom marks the beginnings of an attempts to reclaim for us, the people, the right to control our own lives; even if this means wresting it from all the experts, the professionals, the know-alls, the savants and fixers, all who have contributed their knowledge so conspicuously to ruin of the ecology of the planet and at the same time to widening social injustice.

In Memory of Winin Pereira
A Man of the Earth, Lakshmi Menon
Reminiscences – of an old friend, Jeremy Seabrook
Winin Pereira – A tribute, David Orton
Celebrating people’s knowledge, Winin Pereira & Subhash Sule
Aid to NGOs
Plastics – a touch of Midas
Notes on transnationals
Sick people, healthy profits
TNCs at work: behind Nike logo
Update on Enron


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