Tending The Earth

Tending The Earth -Traditional, Sustainable Agriculture in India
Winin Pereira
© Winin Pereira 1993
Centre for Holistic Studies
First Published in 1993 by Earthscan Books, Bombay.

Rs. 120 + Postage
US $14 +Postage

Traditional agriculture in India is among the oldest and one of the most advanced in history of the world. It has proved its sustainability over the millennia, and rates high in all aspects of total productivity, self-service, diversity and the depth of its indigenous knowledge.

This is an immensely important book. Winin Pereira lucidly summarises here a wealth of information and ideas from voluminous documentation collected and analysed over more than 25 years. The holistic perspective that is presented is brilliant, inspiring and very readable. Anyone who nurtures hope for the future of the earth and her inhabitants must read it. The wisdom and innovativeness of traditional farming and culture is the best guide we have to regaining the path to sustainability, justice and sanity.

Winin Pereira was an accomplished nuclear physicist, working for 10 years at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and at the department of Atomic Energy. He abandoned that career in 1959 to devote his time to saner development. Since then, he had been researching and writing on environmental, social and related issues, He is the author of several books, including ‘Asking the Earth’, published by Earthscan, London and reprinted by the Other India press, Mapusa, Goa. ‘From Western Science to Liberation Technology’ has been translated into German. Its Indian edition is published by Earthcare Books.

Traditional Sustainable Agriculture in India
Agriculture Sustainability and Justice
Traditional Culture and Development
The Western Culture and Farming Systems
Diversion of Food
Regions, Farms & the Commons
Resources & Techniques: Knowledge & Skills
Energy, Air and Land
The Genetic Heritage
Plant Nutrients
Crop Protection
Further Practices and Resources
Animal Husbandry
The Transition to Sustainability


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