The Other Side Of History

The Other Side Of History
Winin Pereira
© Winin Pereira
First Published Sept 1985
(Out of Print – Photocopy available)

The end of 15th century was also the beginning of centuries of colonisation of two-thirds world at the hands of the white invaders. Initially it was visible brute aggression, genocides, enslavement, tyrannical rule, loot & plunder. Over the centuries its form changed but the content even worsened. Aggression gave way to so-called liberation with planted alien systems of governance which do not work and noose-like constitutions, direct genocide gave way to hunger & mal-nutrition deaths in millions, enslavement turned economic, tyrannical rule took the shape of sanctions, and the loot and plunder are now called WTO, GATT, I.M.F., World Bank.

The biggest tool to befool people was distortion of History. The entire canvass of history was painted black to show the ‘White’ streaks bright & shining. History of world famous cultures were destroyed; local social structures, values & ethics, norms & practices were turned upside down and confusion has been so rampant that people have almost forgotten their identity.

Efforts are being made to dig holes in this tunnel of darkness by people like Winin Pereira and the rays of light through these holes are focusing on the Other Side of History the brighter and real side of history.

The Transfer of poverty
But the British were honourable men!
Trees: You can’t see the forest for the thieves
Agriculture: From feast to famine
Science & Technology: industrial espionage
Astronomy: Light years away
Mathematics: Relations of inequality
Medicine: A pox on all of us
Iron: Stainless steal
Textiles: Immoral fibre
Of ships and stealing wax
The industrial inversion
Notes and references


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